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Complete Life Makeover two day Workshop

Complete Life Makeover two day Workshop

11 / 12 December 2020

Hole in one Boutique Hotel


R3250.00 pp bring a second person and they pay R 2500.00

Price includes all meals, training manual

Benefits of attending the Complete Life Makeover Coaching Workshop:

  • Positive habits 
  • Take responsibility for your life 
  • Achieve unstoppable confidence 
  • Set BIG goals
  • Find you DREAM
  • Overcome depression 
  • All round success and balance 
  • Positives beliefs 
  • Come out of your confident zone 
  • Conquer your fears 
  • Focus at the task at hand 
  • Reinvent your life 
  • Unleash personal power 
  • Work on your relationships 
  • Get on the path to financial independence 
  • Stop struggling and start enjoying 
  • Make more money and get your finances in order 
  • Build better relationships with your family and friends 
  • Improve your health and look good and feel great 
  • Lose weight and get the body of your dreams 
  • Bring more happiness and joy into your life 
  • Relieve stress, anxiety, and worries 
  • Overcome obstacles and hardships 
  • Face your fears with courage 
  • Improve the quality of your life and see fast results 
  • Feel more appreciated and get the respect you deserve in life 
  • Stay focused on your goals and follow through 
  • Create more abundance and have more security 
  • Discover your life purpose and passion 
  • Boost your self-esteem  
  • Get more organized and declutter your life

The Science of Getting Rich Workshop

The Science of Getting Rich Workshop

Next Workshop

9 January 2021

Valverde Boutique Hotel


R 100.00 pp 


The Science of Getting Rich is for all those who want to understand how riches, wealth, money and the acquirement of such material wealth is gained. There are laws which govern these things, and that is what this course covers. It is based on the 1910 book by Wallace D Wattles The Science of Getting Rich

Despite the book initially being written over 100 years ago, the contents of this book have been described as ‘timeless wisdom’ – remember that universal laws e.g. the law of gravity and the laws which govern riches… are ALWAYS TIMELESS. People who take the time to study this material, in prosperity programs such as on this course put themselves ahead of the game because most people think riches happen by ‘chance’ – no, they don’t. You can command wealth. If you apply the steps and ideas outlined in this course, you will with ‘mathematical certainty’ improve your financial situation.

You don’t need to be a mathematician to do this course, nor have any previous financial experience. The course is for beginners, who are new to the teachings of prosperity, and it’s suitable for those who know a bit, because you can always learn more. Prosperity programs should be repeated. Sometimes (as soon as people start to see the results), they forget and ‘go back’ to doing what they were doing before – you always need to be reminding yourself of the steps and making sure that you are keeping up with the steps.

Extreme Business Makeover Workshop

Extreme Business Makeover Workshop

18 / 19 December 2020

Hole in One Boutique Hotel


R3250.00 pp bring a second person and they pay R 2500.00

Price includes all meals, training manual

Two day workshop where you will draft a master plan for your business. We will study: Sales, Marketing, Finances, Administration, IT and Legal plus we will motivate you to succeed.

You will be given the tools and knowledge to develop a plan that will keep you focused and on track 100% of the time.

Imagine a pilot without a flight plan or a General without a battle plan. They won’t have a chance. A business without a business plan will never see amazing results.

Get more customers

Make more money

Stand out from the crowd.

Learn how your customer thinks. 

Out think and out play your competitors

Understand what your niche market needs

Set BIG SCARY goals and join the 1% club

Conquer fears

Stay motivated

Learn the secrets of The Science of Getting Rich – The Motivation to Get Rich and The Laws of Getting Rich

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